Head of Crozier

Below is a head of a Crozier or the head of a cane. It is from the 13th century, and was found  in southern Italy. The Crozier is shaped like the shepherd’s crook on a staff.  On the bottom part of the Crozier, there is a symbol of John Evangelist and a sign of office for a bishop abbot.  It is hard to tell on this picture but you do see the symbols on the bottom part of the Crozier, just not in detail. There is dragon facing a eagle in the middle of curve of the Crozier. The Crozier is made of ivory, and it has paint and glass on it as well. I  like the eagle facing the dragon, their glaring looks intense.


Virgin and Child

This is a ivory statue of the Virgin and Child. It represents Mary and Jesus Christ. It is from the early Byzantine  period, around 6th-7th century, and was found in Egypt. The carving is also called Eleousa, Virgin of tenderness. This statue shows the beautiful relationship between Mary and her son, Jesus Christ.  It teaches us how we should love one of each other like how Mary loves Jesus. We should all  have a statue of Virgin and Child, so that it can remind us of Mary’s love for Jesus.