Choir Screen Panels

This is a large screen that separates the nave of the church from the choir section of the eastern end in the church. It is from the 14th century, and found in Florence and Venice. It is made of iron and the design has many quatrefoils tied together. A quatrefoil is a four -leaf clover design. This metal work is very pretty, and we do not see much of it today, which is a shame because it is very beautiful metal work.


Horse Trapping

Below this text are remnants of horse trapping. They are Hunnish and from the 4-5th century. They were found in southwestern Russia.  On the left, the big piece is called a Chamfron, which goes between the eyes of the horse. The two thin pieces of metal are bridle mounts. These would decorate the bridle. On the right, the gold tube is a Hunnish whip or nagaika.  These horse trappings are made of  gold, copper, and bronze. They are also studded with gems. This is really decorative trapping for a horse.  I think this trapping would be used for a church celebration or for war. Today the horse trapping is probably a little less decorative. It would be expensive to use all of that gold, bronze, and gems on horse trappings.