A Scene of the Capital

This is limestone statue that is showing a scene at the Capital. This is at 1175-1200, and found in Palencia. The scene is about two combatants dueling to prove that a woman did or did not commit adultery. The front of the statue (the bottom left) does not distinctly show two people fighting. But the side view of the statue (bottom right) shows a woman and a man together. I predict that those two are the adulterers.  There is more detail in the side view of the statue. The woman and man both have long, large heads. Their bodies are small and disproportionated. It was typical for artists at this time to not portray people or scenes in the right perspective.  However I am amazed though, because this is one huge chunk of limestone and it must have taken the artist a long time to sculpt it.


Ciborium Fragments









This is Langobardic, and found in northern Italy. It is from the 7-8th century and made of limestone. The birds in the fragments are peacocks. There is a “S” design with three lines on top  of the “S”. It is a repetitive design on the fragment on the right. It  also looks like the fragment on the right is curved at the bottom. Most likely it was forming an arch. The fragment on the left has two peacocks eating grapes. I like these two fragments because the beautiful details of the peacocks and the “S” design.


This is marble fragment from  the early 4th century and found in Rome. It portrays the good shepherd specifically Jesus carrying a lamb over his shoulders.  You will see this topic in many different forms of art- stone, paintings, drawings, and on clothing.  There is so much detail in this marble fragment.  There is Jesus- his face, clothing, hands, and body shape. Then the lamb with its curly hair and hooves. There is also a huge design next to Jesus and the lamb. I think it looks like waves in the ocean. Maybe isis the Parting of the Red Sea?   Artists at this time were known for portraying biblical stories. I think that if we could see the whole wall, then it would be very detailed and beautifully sculpted, based off this marble fragment.